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Blair and Kaitlyn bought the dilapidated cottage in December 2020 and after taking the time to plan and design the renovation and extension, began the construction works to reinvigorate the Late Victorian Cottage. We believed there was very little boutique accommodation offerings in the Bathurst region so wanted to create a well-designed place for people to come, stay and experience the historic region.

The spaces within Banyandah were designed to feel relaxed, welcoming and grounded.


With a combined background in design, project management and trade, we embarked on the designing, planning and creation of Banyandah Cottage. Our vision was to create a place that felt like home, that was warm and calm and full of natural and thoughtful materials and elements.

We both have a passion for creating, making and collecting, so naturally the cottage evolved over time after collecting materials such as silver travertine tiles from Marketplace and using leftover building materials from previous heritage renovations in the area to create unique elements in the cottage that were also sympathetic to the Late Victorian era. We also focused on reusing materials from the cottage – the bricks from the original outhouse that was falling down was used to build the island bench in the kitchen and the pavers at the front of the cottage.

We believe building a home is a true labour of love.          

That it takes time and inspiration. We consciously decided not to rush to furnish the house when we finished the renovations, instead we wanted to collect pieces over time. For us, furnishing and decorating over time for us allows a natural evolution of our style which is suited to the cottage and the spaces within.

Eighteen months and a baby later, the renovations were complete, and we opened the doors to our guests. We are really proud of what we have created and hope you truly enjoy the experience of Banyandah Cottage.

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